The guidelines for the work of Bulgarian Travel and Investment Development Centre in China (BTIDCC) are based on the main objectives for development of the relations between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, represented at the summit, held on 26.04.2012 in Warsaw, as they particularly refer to the relations between China and Bulgaria.

BTIDCC is a partner of the Bulgarian Government in the implementation of the objectives for cooperation between Bulgaria and China. It participates actively in the development of individual projects in the area of relations development between the two countries. The aim is to strike a balance in the relations between the partners in each project.

Principal guidelines:

  1. China announced that will set up a special credit line of $ 10 billion, which includes specified preferential loans in the respective proportion.  The funds will be used in joint projects in the area of infrastructure, high technology, green economy and others. Sixteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe can apply for projects to China Development Bank (China Development Bank), Exim Bank (China Exim Bank), Industrial and Commercial Bank (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Bank of China (Bank of China), Construction Bank (China Construction Bank), SITIK Bank (China CITIK Bank).
  2. Initiative to establish a fund for investment and cooperation China - Central and Eastern Europe, with initial aim of raising funds in the amount of $ 500 million.
  3. The Chinese side will send in Central and Eastern Europe “working group to promote trade and investment” and will take tangible steps to promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation.  China wants to make with each of the parties joint efforts to increase trade turnover to $ 100 billion in 2015 between China and the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
  4. In accordance with the actual conditions and needs of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, China will encourage its companies to build with every country an economic and technological zone in the next 5 years and will continue to encourage and support more Chinese enterprises to participate in the construction of already existing economic technological areas.
  5. Together with the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, China wants actively to seek forms of financial partnership as a mutual exchange, cross border trade payments in local currency, and mutual establishment of bank offices.
  6. Create an advisory board of experts in the constructions of transport network China - Central and Eastern Europe.  Ministry of Commerce of China initiate and the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe are included on a voluntary basis and the parties jointly discuss various forms of building exemplary regional highway or rail network through joint investment, joint concessions and more.
  7. Initiative to organize in 2013 of “Forum for Cultural Cooperation China - Central and Eastern Europe” in China and within this framework to organize regular cultural events at a high level and mutual organization of cultural festivals special events.
  8. Over the next 5 years to be granted 5 000 scholarship to students of the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and support the establishing of “Confucius”  Institutes and Audiences in these countries.  Over the next 5 years is planed 1000 students from all 16 countries to be invited in China to study Chinese.  In order to strengthen the Inter-University exchange and collaborative research, over the next 5 years China will send 1000 students and scholars specializing in these 16 countries. Next year Ministry of Education of China plans to organize a “Workshop on Educational Policies China- Central and Eastern Europe”.
  9. Initiative to create a “Union tourism promotion China - Central and Eastern Europe”. National Bureau of Tourism of China initiate and invite government institutions in the field of civil aviation, tourism and aviation companies to take part in order to mutual promoting and joint development of tourist routs, and also talks about opening of direct airlines between China and the 16 countries. In the autumn this year during China International Tourism Fair in Shanghai, National Bureau of Tourism in China plans to lead as an organizer “Specialized presentation of tourist products China - Central and Eastern Europe”.
  10. Create a “Fund for the Study of the relations China - Central and Eastern Europe”. The Chinese side is ready to provide funds in the amount of 2 million Chinese yuan to support scientific exchange between research facilities and scientist of both countries.
  11. The Chinese part is planning to organize the first “Forum of young politicians from China and Central and Eastern Europe”, to which to be invited for participation youth representatives from both countries in order to extend mutual acquaintance and friendly relations.

The implementation of these objectives will infuse new vitality into the traditional friendship between China and Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the second country in the world which has established diplomatic relations with the New China. It is essential that representatives of all circles in the country actively support and response to the proposals on Chinese side and actively participate in the implementation of each of the offers.