Network Bulgaria-China

Network Bulgaria-China (NBgCn) is a Bulgarian-Chinese network of independent Bulgarian and Chinese legal entities and individuals, as well as public organizations, working in the field of commerce, manufacturing, finance, communications, professional services etc.

Working for the sustainable development of specific trade and investment relations between organizations from Bulgaria and China.


  1. Promotion of Network Bulgaria-China as a brand that stands for quality characteristics of the participating organizations in the network, namely: their organizational and corporate responsibility for the development of the relations between Bulgaria and China.
  2. Develop business opportunities for the participants in the network using integrated potential.
  3. Specific report of the latest technology’s transfer between network participants and in this regard building communication bridges NBgCN.
  4. Concept general network support for each trade and investment intentions.
  5. Cooperation in the network, increasing business opportunities arising from the expansion of the network by attracting more network participants.

"5N" Vision

  1. N-network force
  2. N-network awareness
  3. N-network support
  4. N-network solutions
  5. N-network agreements